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Acu-Injection Therapy

The Power of Acupuncture Just Got More Powerful Due To Injection Therapy!

Over the last 2 years I have had the distinct opportunity to work with our brave men and women veterans, providing them with multi-therapy treatments for chronic pain and the debilitating effects of battle.  To our credit, we have employed the use of Acu-Injection Therapy, to aid in the resolution of chronic pain and trauma.

The true value of Acu-Injection Therapy, comes from its combined value of adding information in the form of BIO-ENERGETICALLY ACTIVE SUBSTANCES relating to the issue at hand, injected into the most appropriate acupoint responding to the overall correction of the presenting set of symptoms.

This synergy of these two overlapping therapies, provides an expedited healing response for the patient which is non-toxic and rejuvenating.

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