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Flower Essence Therapy

The Healing Power of Flowers…..

What makes Flower Essence Therapy relevant?

Having the opportunity to personally see the tremendously powerful effects of Flower Essence Therapy on homeless guests at a local homeless shelter I volunteered at for 7-years, I had the incredible first-hand knowledge and experience watching the individuals I worked with, to transform their emotional and conscious outlook on life.  These “essences” assisted them to “come to the present moment” in their lives, rid themselves of past emotional traumas which locked them into a “filtered” outlook on what life had brought them, without fully embracing the true nature and beauty of life.  Through the short-term, specific application of Flower Essences, long-standing, buried emotions can be brought to the surface, resolving the latent causes of “dis-ease”.

The ingestion of these subtle substances, based upon the buds of flowers can only be described as profound and miraculous!

For more information about the history of this therapy, please research the history of Dr. Edward Bach.

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