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The simple beauty and power of HOMEOPATHY and why this is so very important to true healing, comes from the historical fact that energy supersedes biochemistry.

Why is this important?

When we understand the balanced, natural flow of bioenergy, or the altered and destructive nature of “out-of-balance” bio-energetic function, we have at our disposal HOMEOPATHY, the natural corrective response to our whole being!

How does this work and why is it important?

HOMEOPATHY works by stimulating the organism’s (body, emotion and mental) aspects to create corrective actions through the use of the proper, naturally, diluted substance (plant, mineral, animal, or pathogen), offering a stimulation of our “vital essence” to provide a self-induced healing reaction. This action occurs by selecting the correct remedy, through matching the presenting set of symptoms, to provide healing of the whole person.

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